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Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, Financial Advisor, Visionary

My name is Virginia Unga also known as Nia. I am a first generation Tongan-American, born in Utah but raised in the SF Bay Area. I am the proud mother of three amazing children: Julius, Ren II & Reniya.


I started in the finance industry in 2007-2022 leaving a multibillion dollar RIA, as a Financial Advisor, to start Elite Financial Team. My time in the industry, education and certifications, has allowed me to be well versed in the investment world. I have prepared personalized investment strategies, utilizing intricate details of economic trends, data analytics, and the importance of educating my clients to be disciplined to the plan. 


The Elite Financial Team is a non-profit organization that has a heart and a mission to be a financial resource to our Pacific Island community. Our focus is to build strong financial roots that not only serve them today, but generations to come. The team consists of Financial Advisors, Traders, Insurance Brokers, Accountants, and Leaders. My desire is to be a part in helping the community establish strong financial roots. These roots will elevate each individual, families and communities we work with to build generational wealth into a legacy of prosperity through financial literacy. 


Credentials:    •    Bachelor of Science - Business Management. Minor - Human Services (Notre Dame de Na Mur University)    •    Series 65 certified – Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam

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