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Director, Mentor, Life Insurance & Retirement Planning

Aloha! My name is Ashley Hau, born & raised in Hawaii. My dad came to the US from Vaini, Tonga with just $18 in his pocket and made a name for himself within the Tongan community here working as an Immigration counselor helping other Tongan immigrants get their citizenship, housing, basic computer skills, job placement & eventually starting their own businesses.  I often spent school breaks at his office helping his clients study for their citizenship tests or assisting with food distribution. The amount of gratitude his people had for him because of his invaluable knowledge, I admired so much. He made things easy for them to understand, he equipped them with knowledge that started their new lives here.  I was given the opportunity to learn a lot about banking, loans, mortgages, business operations & realized that there was a lack of representation in the financial industry. Learning about life insurance truly changed my life. I just want to get the conversation started, change the narrative. A lot of Pacific Islanders who are afraid of the conversation, I want to help eliminate that fear. I wanted to learn it and understand it so that I could come back to teach my people. And like my dad, make it easy to understand, and equip people with the knowledge to change the trajectory of the next generation.  Being a part of EFT makes me so excited because we get to share a space for our people to learn, our way. A space where our culture isn’t forgotten but embraced in the money space. Encompassing cultural contributions in our financial pictures is what makes our team so special & sets us a part.  Malo ‘Aupito, I hope you love EFT just as much as we do.

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