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Co-founder, President, Visionary, Creator

My name is Aisake (Kep) Tuiono, born and raised in Redwood City, Ca. I am a 2nd generation Tongan-Samoan American and a Bay Area native. I am a father to four gifted children: Victoria, Filisione, Sosefina, and Atalia. I was born into a great family with hard working parents that always provided for my four siblings and I. While my home life was good, my environment was rough, and I made a lot of mistakes along the way. I grew up seeing everyone around me running in the same cycle of work, with no distinction of who they are as an individual. It was the vicious cycle of the rat race and apparently there wasn't another option. Life's circumstances taught me there was, and I was hungry to learn that I was created for something greater.  


My most profound lessons of life were taught outside of a classroom - the conventional and limited way of being taught. I started self education through books like: Money Explained, by Tony Robbins, Life Overflowing, by TD Jakes and Multi family Millionaire, by Brandon Turner. I learned more about thoughts creating your reality and epigenetics; quantum physics and BIG ENERGY; vibrating at a higher level, which led me to always raise my internal thermostat to manifest greater versions of myself. While learning, I knew I couldn't keep quiet but to share this "wealth" with others. As I gained this new found "freedom" and mindset, I'm able to step into my life's purpose. I was created to help as many people adopt an abundant mindset and discover their God given gift.


I have 20 years of professional experience in residential construction, and am a 10 year licensed home inspector- lic# FR-43977. I have also been a part of the S.U.C.C.E.S.S stories alumni- featured on 60 minutes, A.P.S.C. non-profit affiliate and am a R.O.O.T.S. (Restoring Our Original True Selves) graduate - featured on PBS/KQED. I am a new entrepreneur/lifelong student, Real Estate enthusiast, crypto investor and Co-founder of EFT (Elite Financial Team).


My vision for EFT is to bring financial literacy to every household. The knowledge EFT will provide will create prosperous opportunities and resources to build financial foundational roots for every person, family, and community. We will help break barriers and generational curses, that in return will create multi-generational wealth in all aspects of life. My mentorship is to always find and incorporate ways to add value, empower, expand, and collaborate. I strive to be a paradigm shift maker for many.

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